Who are we

Unite Foods Trading is passionate about providing consumers in new markets the opportunity to discover and enjoy some of the best British food and beverage products available. We are committed to building the bridge between the UK and Middle East by supporting British Brands and understanding the Middle Eastern Consumer. We are a rapidly expanding company, specialised in exporting British branded healthy, organic and convenient food and beverage products to the retail and food service channels of the GCC countries, and other Middle Eastern regions.

At Unite Foods our core values and ethics are woven into the foundations of the company, encouraging a uniform and honest approach to everything that we do. We believe that this provides a strong base for long term partnerships and success as other like-minded companies recognise and share our values and principles.

Our diversified portfolio of award winning British food and beverage products are innovative, on trend and bespoke to the preferences and demands of the Middle Eastern consumers in our target markets. With expert knowledge of the UK food and beverage market, and the added value of working alongside the UK's largest retailers – we are able to quickly identify, source and export new British food and beverage products. 



Our Values


We are a reliable, trustworthy partner and we are passionate about what we do. Our core values shape our business practices, and provide the foundation for how we conduct business at Unite Foods. We demonstrate continuous commitment, fairness and honesty to all of our valued customers, and we believe this is the key to building long lasting working partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Quality of service is important to us. We want to add value to the companies we work with through our product portfolio. Our hard working, energetic team strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction. This has enabled us to quickly gain a positive reputation in our target markets.

In an increasingly interdependent and evolving world – we want to help facilitate emerging food trends by introducing new products to new markets. We recognise that each of our customers is unique in their particular product requirements. By working parallel to our customers, and maintaining close relationships – we can quickly offer product solutions that are required.

Research + Development

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Our core competencies are fuelled by our passion to introduce popular British branded products to new markets in the Middle East.

Worldwide, the food and beverage industry never stands still. Consumer expectations of food choice are constantly evolving with changing lifestyle patterns and habits. As a result new food trends are born, offering product solutions to new consumer desires.

At Unite Foods, we understand our consumers. We spend time in our target markets performing structured research and interacting with the consumers in order to gain key insights and truly understand the driving factors behind consumer preferences and desires. This information forms the rationale behind our carefully selected product portfolio, and gives us the confidence that the products we represent can achieve deep market penetration and wide coverage in the target market, by fulfilling a real consumer need.

Working with the UK's largest retailers has enabled us to develop an in depth knowledge of the UK food market. We are in a strong position to research, track and identify new and innovative British branded products.

Our Services


Unite Foods are able to provide a complete export solution for the British branded products we represent.

We have established a robust distribution network channelling throughout the Middle East and are very proud of the reliable trusted service that we provide our partners. Our experienced logistics team ensure all consignments comply with the target countries specific regulations and guidelines regarding food and beverage imports. See list of re-processing operations and services below.

Flexibility is one of our key assets. We are able to ship multi-temperature consignments by sea or air freight; and can also consolidate all categories of food and beverage products under a single order.

Our reprocessing operations and services include: 

        • The application of translated product labels into the required language.
        • Ink Jetting of date codes / barcodes and any other specific information onto products.
        • Acquiring all necessary documentation for each assignment to meet local import regulations,

          this includes certificates of origin health certificates etc.

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