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Wenlock water is a crystal clear natural spring water that emerges deep from it's natural underground source, filtering through the geologically famous rock strata of the Wenlock Edge for several years before being bottled, it is this long filtration process that ensures the quality and purity of the water.

Wenlock Spring Still is a unique water, filtered through the Wenlock Edge and then bottled at source in its purest form, nothing added, nothing taken away, just as nature intended. A light touch of fizz is added to make Wenlock Spring Sparkling.

Wenlock Spring is designed for the Hotel, Restaurant, Hospitality and Specialist Retailer sectors and is dedicated to serving these market sectors. Wenlock Spring remains exclusive and is not available through major retail shops.

Wenlock Spring has been recognised for the refreshingly clean and delicately sweet taste with awards from the British Bottlers' Institute (BBI), including a Gold for Wenlock Spring Still and a Silver for Wenlock Spring Sparkling.

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