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Wild Trail make delicious, healthy wholegrain & fruit snacks, using natural ingredients. Wild Trail bars contain one of your 3 a day wholegrains, they are also wheat and dairy free, and veggie friendly.



Wild Trail great tasting, naturally nutritious Wholegrain Bars are packed full of wholesome British oats and delicious fruit. That's it. Each ingredient is there for its nourishing goodness and terrific taste.

Scrumptious Soured Cherry - With wholesome wholegrain British oats & sumptuous sour cherries, bound with a natural fruit extract, not sugar.

Luscious Orange + Apricot - With wholesome wholegrain British oats, succulent apricots and zesty orange.

Heavenly Raspberry + Cranberry - With wholesome wholegrain British oats, juicy cranberries and sweet raspberry.



These fabulous Popcorn Bars combine good wholesome nutrition with deliciously indulgent taste! Each bar is packed with popcorn (the best wholegrain you can get for antioxidants and fibre), loaded with fruits, nuts and seeds, and topped with a sumptuous yoghurt coating.

Cranberry Popcorn Bar - Crammed with succulent cranberries and tasty popcorn, and smothered in creamy yoghurt, this is a bar that's hard to say no to.

Apple + Raspberry Popcorn Bar - With juicy apples & raspberries, popcorn and a yummy yoghurt topping, you'll want to savour every single bite.

Fruit + Nut Popcorn Bar - The daddy of all popcorn bars: bursting with juicy fruits and nutritious nuts, this bar is sure to give you a boost and keep you going all day.


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