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Whitworths are the UK's leading supplier of dried fruit, nuts & seeds used for healthier snacking, breakfast, baking and cooking products.

For over 125 years, they have been supplying the best quality products from around the world to thier consumers. The convenient, nutritious nature of Whitworths products make them an ideal choice for you and your family...


Breakfast Flavours - Are classic breakfast fruits with distinctive flavour infusions. These tasty combinations make functional fruits easier to eat and are a delicious way to 5 a day. Varieties include - Vanilla Prunes, Honey Apricots, Maple Figs, Orange Raisins.

Morning Munch Products - Are delicious mixes combining fruit, nuts, seeds and hints of indulgence. The products can be eaten all in one go for breakfast or grazed upon all morning for slow release energy. Varieties include - Red Berry Crunch, Maple & Pecan, Cherries & Berries, Strawberry + Banana, Cinnamon Apple, Honey Nuts.

Whitworths Shots - Provide quick and tasty snacks ideal for on the go consumption, with easy transportable packaging. hese delicious shots contain a mix of fruit, nuts and seeds - and contain less than 100 calories! Varieties Include - Raisin & Chocolate Shot, Berry & Almond Shot, Apricot & Seed Shot, Blueberry & Seed Shot.

Breakfast Toppers - Are perfectly blended fruit, nut and seed mixes with a hint of indulgence - a simple and delicious way to liven up cereals, porridge and yogurt. Varieties Include - Cinnamon Apple & Chocolate, Berries & White Chocolate, Orange & Seed, Tropical Fruit & Nut.

Breakfast Sprinkles - Are individual 'pick & mix' pots of unique breakfast components. These products can be sprinkled straight on to breakfast. Varieties Include - Apple Slices, Pineapple Chunks, Cinnamon Apple, Strawberry Apple, Papaya Chunks, Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Banana Chips, Orange Cranberries, Grapefruit Sultanas, Grapefruit Sultanas, Coconut Chunks.

Fruit & Nut Mixes - Are perfect for adding to your breakfast cereal or keeping on your desk as a snack throughout the day. Varieties Include - Exotic Fruit & Nut Topper, Jumbo Peanuts & Raisins, Fruit & Nut Mix with Peanuts, Fruit, Nut & Seed Mix.

Snack Packs - Are a perfect snack anytime and a healthier option which can even be counted towards your 5 a day! There's a choice of twelve delicious fruits to choose from! Varieties Include - Apricots, Prunes, Mango, Raisins, Dates, Pineapple, Tropical Mix, Fruit Mix, Kiwi, Banana Chips, Apple, Cranberries.

Take Home Packs - Are full of flavour and perfect for all occasions. They are also resealable which helps them stay fresher for longer. Perfect as a healthy snack, as part of your breakfast or in baking. Varieties Include - Apricots, Prunes, Dates, Banana Chips, Cranberries, Fruit Salad, Figs, Raisins.

Whitworths Special Selection - Is the ideal choice when you want a healthier snack with great taste. Varieties Include - Mango, Pineapple, Apple, Berries & Cherries.

Nibl are a great range of savoury snacks packed with some serious flavour. Varieties Include -Wasabi Beans, Edamame Beans, Cajun Black Beans.

Sunny Raisins - Are just what you imagine – wholesome, fruity goodness for the kids. They've got all the natural goodness of juicy sun-ripened raisins dipped in a smooth indulgent outer coating

Frootz high fruit buttons are the perfect option for when you want to give your child a tasty snack. Each little button packed with more than 80% fruit and bursting with flavour.


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