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MULU raw chocolate products are lovingly made using the finest ethically sourced organic raw cacao powder, butter & nibs from Ecuador. This gentle method of processing helps to ensure the cacao maintains its key nutrient qualities, as well as its texture and amazing flavour.

MULU chocolate is consciously packaged only using recyclable card from sustainable sources are used for the outer boxes, and biodegradable material for the inner wrappers. The inks used to print with are plant based, andboxes are sealed using water based varnish.


Silk Raw Chocolate - Mulu Raw Chocolate Silk is light, creamy and smooth, just as the name suggests. Containing only 5 plant based, organic ingredients and handcrafted at low temperatures, this raw chocolate block is a pure, sweet, satisfying indulgence.

Dark Raw Chocolate - Intensely delicious, our Dark blocks are overflowing with raw cacao – a gift from Mother Nature, delivered straight to your door!

Dark Chocolate with Raw Cacao Nibs - Containing only plant based, organic ingredients and handcrafted at low temperatures, innocent gratification has never tasted so divine!

MULU Organic Raw Chocolate Buttons - And just like our more 'grown up' chocolate blocks, MULU Raw Chocolate buttons are handcrafted with natural, organic, ethically traded ingredients at low temperatures, free from dairy, refined cane sugar, soya & gluten.

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