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InSpiral are all about celebrating the good things in life – sustainability, the environment, our beautiful planet and the good in people. Inspiral express this by serving only high quality, 100% natural, mostly organic, optimum nutrition food.



Imagine a large bag of green curly kale – officially the most nutrient-dense vegetable per calorie with more iron than beef and more calcium than milk – shrunk to the size of a packet of crisps with the same satisfying crispy crunch and irresistible flavours!

inSpiral Kale Chips are incredibly moreish and the perfect all day snack. Hand massaged and slow dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve vital nutrients and enzymes, these raw crunchy chips are a potent alternative to deep fried potato crisps. Furthermore they are vegan, raw, wheat free, gluten free, soya free and flavoured with only 100% natural ingredients, they are the perfect guilt free superfood snack!

InSpiral Raw Organic Wasabi Wheatgrass Kale Chips - Will have you coming back for more with their subtle wasabi flavour and their punchy after taste.

Inspiral Cheesie Purple Corn Kale Chips - Always have people wondering how they taste so cheesy when they are vegan – and purple corn adds a unique sour note to the palate.

Inspiral Baobab & Onion Kale Chips with baobab - King of fruits, from Africa – the onion flavour carries this crunchy number to a deeply satisfying place.

Cacao & Cinnamon Kale Chips - A healthy helping of raw cacao, sweetened with low GI, 100% natural coconut palm sugar & combined with cinnamon, a surprisingly delicious way to eat your greens.

Inspiral Beetroot & Acerola Kale Chips - Are completely nut free and combine the sweet succulence of beetroot with a note of lime and the zing of acerola.



Inspiral Crackits are Vegan, raw, wheat free, gluten free, sugar free, soya free and flavoured with only 100% natural ingredients. These delicious crackits are made from raw almonds, flax and chia seeds. Each flavour is enhanced with tonic herbs and superfoods for ultimate wellbeing.

Crackits are also dehydrated at low temperatures to maintain their optimum nutritional potency, the result is a raw food cracker that is crunchy and crumbly like true baked crackers but without the gluten, wheat, dairy or sugar so often found in products on the market today.

Herb Crackits - with Onion, Black Pepper & Herbs, enhanced with Reishi Mushrooms – a tonic revered in Chinese medicine.

Garlic Crackits - with olive oil, garlic and enhanced with rhodiola, also called golden root, an adaptogenic plant growing in mountainous regions of Siberia and Northern Europe.

Tomato Crackits - with Mexican chilli & raw cacao, smoked paprika and red peppers, enhanced with Siberian Ginseng, a longevity herb used in traditional Chinese medicine to prevent colds and flu and increase energy and vitality.

Wasabi Crackits - with wasabi, arame & spirulina, enhanced with shatavari, an incredible ayurvedic plant from India. This cracker comes in a deep green healthy color and is rich in flavours.



InSpiral's Raw Organic Superfood Bites are visionary optimum nutrition snack bites available in 3 flavours, each with a unique superfood blend. Superfood Bites are vegan, raw, wheat free, cholesterol free, sugar free, soya free these treats have been designed with slow release energy and fast release taste in mind!

These optimum nutrition snack bites are the ultimate snack food, each complete with 7 vegan protein sources, omega rich seeds and alkalising, slow release carbohydrates that provide essential fuel and deliver a satisfying crunch. Almonds, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, flax and chia seeds are soaked and sprouted for optimum digestion are combined with fruits, superfoods and natural sweeteners to deliver a snack like no other.

Banana Supergreen Bites - with sweet bananas & green superfoods - spirulina, barleygrass, wheatgrass.

Chocolatey Superfood Bites - with luxurious raw cacao, lucuma & naturally sweet yacon – a moreishly sweet and yet balanced treat.

Loveberry Superfruit Bites - with a delicious mix of strawberries, raspberries & wonder fruit goji berries.


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