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A unique selection of artisan-baked crackers, inspired by and designed to complement specific cheeses.


Flavours Include:

Rosemary Crackers - Fragrant and delicate, for soft cheeses.

Fennel Crackers - A soft aniseed warmth, to partner pungent, washed-rind cheeses.

Chive Crackers - A hint of onion, to accompany creamy bries.

Celery Crackers - Clean-tasting with bite, for blue cheeses.

Red Hot Chilli Crackers - Spicy and warm, for Cheddar cheese.

Basil Crackers - Fragrant and mellow, for mild and sweet Swiss and Nordic cheeses.

Fig Crackers - A honeyed scent and a fragrant taste, for sheep's milk cheeses.

Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers - For pecorinos, but neutral enough to suit all cheeses.

White Tin Cracker Selection - Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Rosemary and Chive crackers, in one tin.

Flavoured Crackers Selection - Celery, Chive and Chilli crackers for cheese, in one box.

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