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The number one instant chai brand in the UK. Drink Me Chai produces a range of delicous award winning Chai Latte's inspired by the original Chai from India which has been enjoyed for over 5000 years. Drink Me Chai blend real ground spices with black tea, sugar and and milk so you can enjoy India in an instant by just adding water or milk for an extra creamy taste.

Chai Latte is a growing trend and should now feature on all café menus. For the foodservice market the award winning range of Chai lattes are available in catering sizes of 1 kilo with a handy measuring scoop for a 12oz serving. Chai latte sachets are also available and perfect for hotel establishments.


The Delicious Drink Me Chai Latte Range Includes: -

Chai Spiced Latte - An aromatic blend of tea, milk and spices

Vanilla Chai Latte - A fragrant blend of tea, milk, spices and vanilla

Chocolate Chai Latte - A velvety blend of tea, milk, spices and chocolate

Green Tea Chai Latte - A smooth blend of green tea, honey and spices

Mango Chai Latte - A fruity blend of tea, milk, spices and mango

Peppermint Chai Latte - A refreshing blend of tea, milk, spices and mint




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