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Cofresh is the leading brand of Indian and ethnic snacks in the UK, and the range offers more than 200 products.

The products range from traditional Indian snacks, flavored potato, hummus and lentil crisps, to 'all natural' cereal bars. Products are 100% Vegetarian and also Kosher, Vegan and Gluten Free on selected products.


Cofresh Savoury Snack Range & Mixes - consists of a variety of different blended Savoury Mixes and Bombay Mixes to suite all taste profiles. Products include - Green Pea's, Chick Pea's, Channa Dall, Sev Mamra, Gujarati Mix, Bombay Mix, Balti Mix, London Mix, Hot Chevda, Sweet & Spicy Cornflake.

Hummus & Lentil Chips - From humble Lentil / Chick Pea to crunchy crispy chip. Available in 4 different flavours - Sea Salt, Creamy Dill, Tomato & Basil, Chilli Lemon.

Quinoa Chips - From the ancient and timeless cultures of South America comes a revolutionary new snack made from Quinoa grains. The grain first domesticated around 3000 years ago, was also held sacred by the Incas who valued it for its nutritional benefits. Quinoa today is considered to be a "Superfood" all around the world. Tasty light Quinoa Chips are available in the following mouthwatering flavours - Sundried Tomato & Roasted Garlic, Hot & Spicy, Sour Cream & Chives, and Chilli & Fresh Lime flavours. 

Nuts and Corn Nuts - Cofresh's Nut range consists of a range of deliciously flavoured Nuts from around the world. The Nut pack sizes vary from small impulse bags to large family sharing bags. Flavours Include - Black Pepper Cashew Nuts, Caramel Sesame Cashews, Caramel Sesame Peanuts, Salted Cashews, Chilli & Lemon Corn Nuts, Salted Corn Nuts, Spicy Balti Peanuts, Salted Cashews & Almonds, Caramel Nut Mix.

Snack Bars - Cofresh's Bar range consists of a range of delicious crunchy bars made from peanuts, sesame seeds or coconut. Available in multi pack format or as single impulse bars. Avaialble in the following flavours - Coconut Snack Bar, Peanut Snack Bar, Pistachio Snack Bar, Sesame Snack Bar, Sesame Bites, Honey & Hazelnut Bar, Mixed Fruit & Nut Bar.


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