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Story Pressés are created using a high content of natural fruit juices and other carefully selected ingredients, which are then blended with lightly sparkling natural spring water.

The result is a refreshingly fruity entirely natural drink for you to enjoy. Flavours include - 

Raspberry Lemonade
A zesty blend of lemon juice and British raspberries combine to create this gloriously summery natural sparkling press. 145 Calories

White Grape & Elderflower
A refreshing and quintessentially British combination of luscious white grape and English elderflower. 110 Calories

Red Grape, Blackcurrant & Ginger
Gorgeous red grape and blackcurrant brought to life with a surprising dash of zingy ginger. 143 Calories

St. Clements Orange & Lemon
A true classic! A distinctive mix of orange and lemon, mouthwatering and delicious every time. 127 Calories

Cloudy Lemonade
Made from a delicious blend of Spanish and Sicilian Lemons. Sharp and refreshing as tradition dictates. 103 Calories


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