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Magic Straws make milk more fun. They bring all the flavour without all the sugar - they're the healthier alternative to powders and syrups with only 17 calories! 

No refrigeration is needed, making Magic Straws ideal for a convenient way to enjoy a healthy snack anywhere, any time.

The rich, naturally flavoured milk straws magically transform dairy, soy or lactose-free milk into a delicious and nutritous treat - in just three steps: -

1) Just dip your Magic Straw into a glass of milk.

2) Take a long sip - the milk flows through the straw, where the powerful flavour beads work their Magic.

3) Smile, knowing that you've got an easy way to make milk more fun.


Delicious Flavours Include - Chocolate, Strawberry, Orange Cream, Vanilla Milkshake, Strawberry + Banana, Cotton Candy, Banana Cream, Wild Berry, Cookies & Cream.

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