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'SHLURP' - These healthy, child friendly milkshakes in a 250ml tetrapack are made from 100% British milk, with no preservatives, artificial additives. They are full of calcium, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes. They all have a 6 month shelf life. Flavours include kids favourites – chocolate, strawberry and banana.

'SMOOVE' smoothies are made for the busy lifestyles you lead. These superb fruit smoothies are a delicious combination of fresh fruit and pure fruit juices. This is a perfect liquid refreshment that your body will love, with each product containing 1 or your 5 portions of fruit a day.

'CAFE LATTE' - A rich and creamy blend of coffee beans and 100% British milk, in a highly portable 250ml tetra pack.

'ICOCO' - Premium quality and excellent value coconut water, in a modern and convenient tetrapack with 12 months shelf life. Icoco offers healthy, natural, refreshment. This is the only coconut water blended and manufactured in the UK. Coconut water is natural, biologically pure and full of vitamins, salts and natural sugars.

'AOk' is a fantastic, everyday antioxidant drink ideal for health conscious consumers who want a convenient and delicious way to obtain essential antioxidants without having to make dramatic changes to their lifestyle or eating habits...

... AOk has been developed using the synergy of antioxidant-rich ingredients that have been carefully selected for their individual properties. The combination of these powerful antioxidant substances in test results showed very high antioxidant activity in the drink compared to published data of other juices such as orange juice.

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